Burger & Beer Week in Columbus, Ohio, put on by 614 Magazine, Day 1 at Brazenhead Grandview

Hello everyone,

Letting you know how day 1 lunch was for Burger & Beer Week in Columbus, Ohio. This was taking part in the (614) Magazine promotions of local area restaurants.

I went to Brazenhead Grandview for their Burger & Beer Week special. I received my burger medium with Pimento Bacon, and Red Pepper jelly. There were chips, and garlic dip (got a second one of it).I chose the Humulus Nimbus from Seventh Son Brewing from three choices. Rita, was the one who took care of me, and I had a nice conversation with her on and off through the meal.

She brought out my Nimbus quickly, same for the food. The burger was medium, as you can see, so spot on. I enjoyed dipping the really salty potato chips in the garlic dip. The Red Pepper jelly with the burger gave me a lot of sweet and a little tingle. It seemed to blend nicely with the Pimento Bacon. The Humulus Nimbus was a gold pale ale I believe, and seemed really light, in a great way. It went nicely with the heavier tastes from the garlic dip, and the burger.

Rita gave me a to go menu, stated that Tuesday’s are Pub nights with deals on Guinness, Bass, and other Pub ales from 4-9pm. Wednesdays are burger nights ($4) along with Buffalo Chicken sandwiches, and pulled pork sandwiches.

The meal was sweet, salty, a little bit of heat/tingle, a great potato chip dip, the whole package if you will. The beer was great that it contrasted those tastes with some hops that was light, and seemed to get me ready for the next bite.

I am RET. SSG Jason L .Elliott, from PaladinElliott Productions, and I normally review items from the gaming world. I am in no way an expert, but I thought I would share this with all of you. Thank you Rita, Brazenhead Grandview, and 614 Magazine for a great lunch experience!