Burger & Beer Week in Columbus, Ohio, Put on by 614 Magazine, Day 2 at Harvest Clintonville

Hello again everyone,

This was supposed to be for yesterday, but between regular school and religious school for the kids, my wife taking our son to boyscouts, and me having a movie night with our daughter, it got sidetracked.

Here is what I had for (614) Magazine Burger & Beer Week Day 2. My wife and I had lunch at Harvest Clintonville and we both had the 614 special, the Sturgill Burger.

This burger comes with Local ground beef that is local, with gruyere cheese, roasted truffle aioli, crimini mushrooms, and onions topped with house BBQ sauce. It also came with their Kennebec potato chips.

I ordered a Columbus Brewing Company IPA to go with it. So let us get to what we noticed.

The burger gives you a couple of tastes going on at the same time. You get an earthiness with the truflle mushroom combination. You have sweet from the onions and the house BBQ sauce, and then you get this creaminess from the gruyere cheese. You get your salty fix through the chips, so it is easy to ignore if you so choose. Again this was a situation where the hoppy fruity IPA made it nice to have some bites, take a drink, and start over, so you were reliving the taste each and every time.

Service was quick, and everything was right. Two for two on Burger & Beer Week, so stay tuned, as I hopefully will post Day 3 later this evening. Please make sure to check out paladinelliott.com and enjoy what Central Ohio has to offer!

All the best,

RET. SSG Jason L. Elliott
Owner & Creator
PaladinElliott Productions