Burger & Beer Week in Columbus, Ohio, put on by 614 Magazine, Day 3 at Lucky’s Grille Hilliard

Hello everyone,

I know, still behind. Here is what happened yesterday, Day 3 of the (614) Magazine Burger & Beer Week. My mom was in town from Bellefontaine, so she got to be part of the action!

Part one:

So I had told mom that we would go somewhere close that I knew about, over where my family and I used to live. The place chosen was Trabue Tavern. Here is why the story has a part one, then a part two. We see a couple of older guys sitting outside having their drinks, no big deal. You can’t see into the place. We go in, and as the door is opened, we get hit with a wall of music, really loud music. My mother and I are standing by each other and we are having trouble hearing each other. I said we could sit outside, she says “what?”, and I start to watch for some service. No staff, no bartender, and some of the patrons at the bar giving the “who are they?” stare. Long story short, we left was could only be described as a biker/dive bar. We won’t ever head back there.

Part two:

I get on the phone, and call one of the places close to home, to see if they are part of the promotion. Lucky’s Grille & Billiards is part of the promotion! A sigh of relief on my end, as we only had so much time to enjoy lunch.

We get there, and Kendall lets us know we can pick our seats. We grab a booth, and notice the music is low, but can be heard, and people who are talking, laughing, drinking, eating, and that the makeup of people is more friendly and diverse. We feel at ease.

I got the 614 special which was the Lucky Burger with Pepperjack Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, buffalo sauce, with may for the fries (I had mom’s fries!). We got our drinks quickly, and to quote my mom “these cups are large!”. So Kendall, and the rest of the staff are very nice, quick, and friendly. I have Seventh Son to go with it again (as the drink choices for this promotion are pretty much the same wherever you go). My mom, went with a regular hamburger, and couldn’t get through it all.

Of the burgers I have had with this promotion, this seemed to be the most American so far. A little tingle, some sweet, what you would expect if you are doing it right, on the grill at home. Just another great meal, and then Kendall comes over and says “how about some dessert?” We let her know we are interested, and we choose the Buckeye Cheesecake.

Let me tell you, I love candied Buckeyes, so if you somehow don’t know what this is, it is peanut butter in a chocolate shell, and yes it looks like real Buckeyes. This was the cheesecake equivalent, and you better believe it was good. To top it off, it was covered with some chocolate syrup. I mean, how cool is that? It was like eating candy Buckeyes that were homemade good!

So there you have it. Thanks for reading, and go have some food!

RET. SSG Jason L. Elliott
Owner & Creator
PaladinElliott Productions